Thursday, September 27, 2012

Money Hack #7 - ClickBank

Clickbank is an interesting site.  You essentially scour their inventory for products to sell online, and then promote them on your site, blog, etc. - receiving a hefty commission on sales in the process.

There are thousands of crap products on there, so the trick is to find something interesting that people will at least click on - and potentially buy.

This requires a little effort, but if you can find a weird niche product on there (i.e. an ebook on how to build a smokehouse) you can go to relevant websites, discussion boards, and other forums and pitch your product.

The commissions are around 50% or so.  I haven't had much success with this site in particular, but I do know people that make $200 or so a month with just a few hours of effort.

Give it a shot.

Money Hack #6 - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Have spare time on your hands at work?  Surfing the web aimlessley?

There is a way you can use that time to make a few extra bucks.  The site is Amazon Mechanical Turk.  Very simply, companies on there will pay you to do a ton of "micro-tasks" - viewing websites, surveys, etc.  They aren't offering huge dollar amounts, but you should be able to make at least 5 bucks for an hour of effort.  If you are using that time to daydream anyway - this might be useful.

Check it out and let me know how you do ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Money Hack #5 - Extreme Couponing

We've all seen those stupid extreme couponing shows where the people waste hours of their lives to save $50 and get 20 jars of peanut butter for free.

Forget that.

Have you ever gone on Ebay and seen people selling coupons?  Many on there make a good living, getting about 50-70 cents per dollar of coupon sold.  That's not bad if you can amass a ton of coupons fast.

How can you do that?

Easy.  Though for some of you this may not pass the "morality" test.  Go into a Target, Walmart, etc. and walk up and down the various aisles.  Many times you will see full pads of coupons placed next to sale items.  Grab those pads and get out of the store.  Sell them on Ebay.  Make money.

Have fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Money Hack #4 - Free Movies & Popcorn

Does anyone want a way to get unlimited free movies and popcorn?  I found one.

AMC has this wonderful new program call "Stub Rewards".  If you are a normal person, you use your code every time you go to the theatre and every 100 movies or so you might get a small popcorn.

I have a fast way around that.  The code you receive allows you to waive the $2 online ordering fee at movietickets,com, and others.  So ... just pop that unique code on and the other coupon websites with the tagline "Waive the ticket fee".

People will jump over themselves to use the coupon, and you will get all the credit, which equals tons of free movies, popcorn and soda.  Just hop on Ebay and sell the extras that you don't use of course.


Money Hack #3 -

Want an unlimited supply of money to,,, and a few other affiliate sites?

These sites have a unique referral program that - for the moment - is on ice.  If it comes back however you can rake in the site credits.

When you sign up as a member, you get a unique referral code.  If a first time buyer on the site uses your code, they can save anywhere from 15% to 20% on their entire order.  On top of that, the site gives you a $10 credit for each user - and it's unlimited.

The code you get is pretty lame, but you can change it to something legitimate like "TAKE20%" and pop it on sites like for millions to see.  At one point I knew someone who was raking in $200 per day in credits to the sites.  Easy money.

Money Hack #2 - Bank Referrals

Ok, so who would like money to automatically enter their bank accounts with little effort?  Yeah I thought so.

There are several large banks out there who are willing to pay you dearly for online referrals, and this can be very lucrative.

ING Direct:
This is real easy.  If you have an account with them you can refer up to 50 friends, for which ING will pay you $10 each.  Now I understand none of us wants to bother our friends with this promotion ... so how on earth can we still benefit?

Just go to the "refer a friend" section of your account and sent 50 emails to your email address.  When you receive the emails, copy the link location from the "click here to open an account" button.  If anyone out on the internet clicks on that link and opens an account, they get $25 for free.  Pretty easy sell.

So go on spamming the world with your links and dropping them into discussions boards, and all of a sudden you will have a lot of money coming into your ING account.

This one is even better.  When you refer a new customer, they get $50 and you get $50.  Simple as that.  They only need to open an account.  You are allowed up to $5000 in referrals per year under this structure.  It works the same way as ING with the links, so spam away my friends.

Money Hack #1 - Tricking the U.S. Mint

Want to rack up an incredible amount of credit card points for free?  Easy.

Go to the US Mint website.  Use your credit card to purchase $1 coins in bulk quantities, which they will ship for free.  When you receive them, bring them to the local bank and deposit them.  Use that money to pay off the credit card you used to purchase them.

Simple.  Buy $5000 worth of coins, and reap at least $50 in points for your efforts - or $250 if your card is doing a 5% Cash-back promotion.  Too bad they eliminated the ability to do this with savings bonds.