Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Money Hack #5 - Extreme Couponing

We've all seen those stupid extreme couponing shows where the people waste hours of their lives to save $50 and get 20 jars of peanut butter for free.

Forget that.

Have you ever gone on Ebay and seen people selling coupons?  Many on there make a good living, getting about 50-70 cents per dollar of coupon sold.  That's not bad if you can amass a ton of coupons fast.

How can you do that?

Easy.  Though for some of you this may not pass the "morality" test.  Go into a Target, Walmart, etc. and walk up and down the various aisles.  Many times you will see full pads of coupons placed next to sale items.  Grab those pads and get out of the store.  Sell them on Ebay.  Make money.

Have fun!

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