Thursday, September 27, 2012

Money Hack #7 - ClickBank

Clickbank is an interesting site.  You essentially scour their inventory for products to sell online, and then promote them on your site, blog, etc. - receiving a hefty commission on sales in the process.

There are thousands of crap products on there, so the trick is to find something interesting that people will at least click on - and potentially buy.

This requires a little effort, but if you can find a weird niche product on there (i.e. an ebook on how to build a smokehouse) you can go to relevant websites, discussion boards, and other forums and pitch your product.

The commissions are around 50% or so.  I haven't had much success with this site in particular, but I do know people that make $200 or so a month with just a few hours of effort.

Give it a shot.

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