Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Money Hack #2 - Bank Referrals

Ok, so who would like money to automatically enter their bank accounts with little effort?  Yeah I thought so.

There are several large banks out there who are willing to pay you dearly for online referrals, and this can be very lucrative.

ING Direct:
This is real easy.  If you have an account with them you can refer up to 50 friends, for which ING will pay you $10 each.  Now I understand none of us wants to bother our friends with this promotion ... so how on earth can we still benefit?

Just go to the "refer a friend" section of your account and sent 50 emails to your email address.  When you receive the emails, copy the link location from the "click here to open an account" button.  If anyone out on the internet clicks on that link and opens an account, they get $25 for free.  Pretty easy sell.

So go on spamming the world with your links and dropping them into discussions boards, and all of a sudden you will have a lot of money coming into your ING account.

This one is even better.  When you refer a new customer, they get $50 and you get $50.  Simple as that.  They only need to open an account.  You are allowed up to $5000 in referrals per year under this structure.  It works the same way as ING with the links, so spam away my friends.

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