Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Money Hack #4 - Free Movies & Popcorn

Does anyone want a way to get unlimited free movies and popcorn?  I found one.

AMC has this wonderful new program call "Stub Rewards".  If you are a normal person, you use your code every time you go to the theatre and every 100 movies or so you might get a small popcorn.

I have a fast way around that.  The code you receive allows you to waive the $2 online ordering fee at movietickets,com, fandango.com and others.  So ... just pop that unique code on retailmenot.com and the other coupon websites with the tagline "Waive the ticket fee".

People will jump over themselves to use the coupon, and you will get all the credit, which equals tons of free movies, popcorn and soda.  Just hop on Ebay and sell the extras that you don't use of course.


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