Saturday, November 17, 2012

Money Hack #11 - Get $100 from Discover Card

This is REALLY easy.  Are you planning on spending $500 on anything over the next three months?  Of course you are.

If you sign up for a new Discover Card and put $500 on it within 3 months - they will give you $100 cash bank.  Simple.  Easy.

This is probably the best cashback bonus I have ever seen.  Even if you don't want to use a credit card, just sign up and use it until you hit $500.  Then pay it off; take your $100 - and walk away.

Also - If you use any of the links below and decide to only charge $1 and throw the card away, you will still get at least $50 cashback.

Here are a few links for you to get the bonus (They expire June 1, 2013):   
$100 Discover Card Cachback Bonus
$100 Discover Card Cashback Bonus
$100 Discover Card Cashback Bonus 
$100 Discover Card Cashback Bonus

If they have expired try clicking on the banner below ...


Money Hack #10 -

Do you have kids?  Most of you do.  Are you tired of paying for their clothes?  Of course you are.

There is a new site ... that has a ton of cheap clothes.  Some of them second-hand.  A lot of them new.  You actually get a lot of high-end stuff pretty cheap.

Anyway, they also offer a referral program.  So go sign up for free and start sending your personal link all over the web.  When someone uses it you will get a $10 credit.  That could add up fast if you promote correctly.

And if you enjoyed this post - feel free to click on my thredup link above and sign up through my referral - you are going to sign up anyway, so why not get me $10?

Thanks and Good luck.