Saturday, November 17, 2012

Money Hack #11 - Get $100 from Discover Card

This is REALLY easy.  Are you planning on spending $500 on anything over the next three months?  Of course you are.

If you sign up for a new Discover Card and put $500 on it within 3 months - they will give you $100 cash bank.  Simple.  Easy.

This is probably the best cashback bonus I have ever seen.  Even if you don't want to use a credit card, just sign up and use it until you hit $500.  Then pay it off; take your $100 - and walk away.

Also - If you use any of the links below and decide to only charge $1 and throw the card away, you will still get at least $50 cashback.

Here are a few links for you to get the bonus (They expire June 1, 2013):   
$100 Discover Card Cachback Bonus
$100 Discover Card Cashback Bonus
$100 Discover Card Cashback Bonus 
$100 Discover Card Cashback Bonus

If they have expired try clicking on the banner below ...



  1. Hi,

    I clicked one of your links and the terms only mention the $50 cashback after first purchase. Are you sure that these referral links also offer the $100 cashback after spending $500? I couldn't find it anywhere in the fine print.

    1. It definitely does and it's worked for several of my friends. Anyone who signs up before Jan 10th will get it (and I'm sure they will extend it after that). One of them actually called Discover after they signed up to make sure, and it was confirmed.