Saturday, March 16, 2013

Money Hack #13 - Google Adwords $100 Credit

So you use Google Adwords ... great.  Tired of paying for it?  Of course you are.

You probably know this already, but Google has become so large that they heavily rely on automated monitoring of "misbehavior" with their accounts.  This allows for a lot of oppotunities to slip through their cracks and capitalize on things like using a "new user" coupon an infinite number of times.

Where do you get a coupon in the first place?  There are lots of options.  The one I like best is eBay.  Go on there and search for $100 Adwords coupon and you will quickly find several options for less than $5.  Buy a few of them.

Open a new gmail address and Adwords account with one credit card, and open another with another one (as many as needed).  After spending $25, you will get $100 credited in each instance. 

I have done this literally dozens of times to capitalize on the $100.  If they ever put a stop to it, I'll just use a phony address and repeat the steps.


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