Saturday, March 16, 2013

Money Hack #14 - Affiliate Marketing

Messing around with Google Adsense on your site?  Blah.  Boring.  Getting a few cents per day in clicks? "Yawn"

The bottom line is that unless your blog has a huge readership, Adsense sucks as a way to make money.  Just forget about it.

There is a better way to make a few bucks and that's affiliate marketing.  Up until recently, Google had a monopoly on this piece of the online industry, but a new offering has emerged.

Check out Commission Junction (  I consider this the more "mature" affiliate marketplace and in my experience it provides a much more informed, targeted way to make money.

Check this site out ... they have great analytics and a solid assortment of sponsoring companies.

The message I'm trying to get across is that you can put a very targeted limited time offer banner on your site and pretty easily make 20-30 bucks a day in referrals through it.  I bet it takes you months to make that in Adsense.  Worth a try anyway ...

If anyone is interested I can post some of the affilitates I have had the most success with.

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