Sunday, April 28, 2013

Money Hack #22 - Cranking Out LEGIT Surveys Quickly (Up To $75 Per Survey)

So we all know how to find horrendous survey companies that make you fill something out for HOURS and then pay you 20 cents for your time.  Screw that.  Maybe for a stay at home mom with nothing better to do - but you are here to figure out ways to hack money quickly.

So - I found a great research site that partners with huge brands like P&G, Home Depot, etc.  It's interesting actually - these companies pay considerable sums of money to get honest, grass-roots opinions on new and existing products.  Vindale Research provides them with survey takers - all you need to do is SIGN UP with them.

Here is a direct link to the sign-up page for Vindale Research It is free to sign up ... once you are in you'll be able to cruise around and look for high-paying surveys.  It's great really - and VERY EASY to find ones that pay over $50 ... even $75.  Imagine churning a few of these out each day - not a bad side income.

FYI - They payout in PayPal, which makes it even more efficient

Friday, April 12, 2013

Money Hack #21 - Cyber Squatting

We have all heard of cybersquatting.  It was big in the 90's when the web first came about and companies were too stupid to buy their domain names before other people did.  People that thought ahead made a killing, before legislation came in and put a stop to it.

There is a new form of cybersquatting that is quite effective, and not targeted at companies.

Think about it as trying to figure out who or what will become famous before other people do and BUY a domain name that reflects that.

For example - Think about if you watched the pilot of the Jersey Shore and later that night jumped on and bought, or something else.  How much would those domains be worth right now?  Probably a lot.

What about contestant shows.  When American idol kicks off and the singers aren't yet famous, go ahead and buy and - do it for all the contestants.  A few of them will become famous and make the domain worth it.

There are countless ways to do this - the key is to stay ahead of the masses, think about what names, terms, etc. will be famous, and grab those url's before other people do.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Money Hack #20 - Selling Google and Bing Ad Credits on Ebay

So this is an interesting one for you to think about.

How much does it cost to open a account?  $3?  Maybe $5 on a bad day?  No matter how you look at it it's CHEAP.

Did you know that when you sign up for certain plans with GoDaddy you get advertising credits?  Google, Facebook, and Bing all give you $50 each.  They are one-time use codes for new users.

So, for maybe $5 you have $150 in ad credits ... how does this make you money?  Easy.  Sell the codes on Ebay.

I bet you could sell each one of those $50 credits for $10 on Ebay.  So thats $30 from Ebay - $5 in godaddy expense = $25 profit.

Why not open a shit ton of GoDaddy accounts and sell the ad credits you keep getting on Ebay. I bet you can get at least a few hundred bucks from doing this.  I know someone who opened up 30 seperate accounts pretty easily.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Money Hack #19 - Link Farms

What the hell is a Link Farm?  No, it has nothing to do with Farmville - it's a way to make money online.

I've mentioned affiliate marketing in the past, and you can make some great side money doing that.  Link Farms take it to the next level.

Essentially the sole purpose of a Link Farm is to get people to come to your site and click on someone's advertisement that makes you money.  How is that different from normal affiliate marketing?  It's very different.

For example - let's say you have a blog about reviewing insurance companies and you list out a top 10 for readers.  You could have an affilliate relationship with ALL ten companies.  The great thing about insurance companies is that they pay out PER LEAD.  Usually over $100 per lead in fact.

So while people love you and they are reading your information about insurance companies - you are raking in money while they submit insurance quote requests.  Not too shabby.

There are a million variations of Link Farms - but this is an easy way to disguise one.