Friday, April 12, 2013

Money Hack #21 - Cyber Squatting

We have all heard of cybersquatting.  It was big in the 90's when the web first came about and companies were too stupid to buy their domain names before other people did.  People that thought ahead made a killing, before legislation came in and put a stop to it.

There is a new form of cybersquatting that is quite effective, and not targeted at companies.

Think about it as trying to figure out who or what will become famous before other people do and BUY a domain name that reflects that.

For example - Think about if you watched the pilot of the Jersey Shore and later that night jumped on and bought, or something else.  How much would those domains be worth right now?  Probably a lot.

What about contestant shows.  When American idol kicks off and the singers aren't yet famous, go ahead and buy and - do it for all the contestants.  A few of them will become famous and make the domain worth it.

There are countless ways to do this - the key is to stay ahead of the masses, think about what names, terms, etc. will be famous, and grab those url's before other people do.


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