Sunday, April 28, 2013

Money Hack #22 - Cranking Out LEGIT Surveys Quickly (Up To $75 Per Survey)

So we all know how to find horrendous survey companies that make you fill something out for HOURS and then pay you 20 cents for your time.  Screw that.  Maybe for a stay at home mom with nothing better to do - but you are here to figure out ways to hack money quickly.

So - I found a great research site that partners with huge brands like P&G, Home Depot, etc.  It's interesting actually - these companies pay considerable sums of money to get honest, grass-roots opinions on new and existing products.  Vindale Research provides them with survey takers - all you need to do is SIGN UP with them.

Here is a direct link to the sign-up page for Vindale Research It is free to sign up ... once you are in you'll be able to cruise around and look for high-paying surveys.  It's great really - and VERY EASY to find ones that pay over $50 ... even $75.  Imagine churning a few of these out each day - not a bad side income.

FYI - They payout in PayPal, which makes it even more efficient

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