Friday, August 9, 2013

Email anyone in the world easily

Do you have to sell as part of your job or business? If you do, wouldn't it be great if you could email anyone in the world?

Sure, but how the hell are you going to figure out someones email address?  It's actually pathetically easy.

1. Lets say you want to talk to a VP names Steve Smith who works at  You have a killer product or service you want to pitch to them in an email.
2. Go to ... check out the contact page.  See what the email is for support.  It is most likely  Now you know half the address!
3. If they just have a form for support, it's still easy.  Just Google "" and see if any full email addresses come up.  They most likely will.
4. 99% of email addresses fall into four different "structures". 

Structure one is - this is mostly for smaller companies

Structure two is - this is the most common.  Watch out for nicknames here!  If someone is Steven Smith, they could be or

Structure three is the second most common. (

These three structures cover 99% of emails.  There are a few other random combos ...

As you can see you only need to try 7 times to get an important email out to an important prospect.

This is a very valuable tool.

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